Volunteer Writing



Personal Blog (2015-Present)

I started this blog last year in order to showcase my past work and to keep my writing skills sharp. Each entry chronicles my life as an emerging professional. From personal anecdotes to event recaps I craft every post with my unique personality and style.

The Daily Collegian (2013-2014)

The following links are a small selection of the articles I wrote while working as a staff writer at The Daily Collegian.

WPSU (Fall 2014)

Under the supervision of Patty Satalia, I conducted extensive background research on musician Patti Smith and artist David Teplica. The information gathered was used for Satalia’s programs, Take Note and Conversations from Penn State. I also had the opportunity to create a unique radio piece about a major campus event, The Great Insect Fair.

Pennsbury Manor (Summer 2014)

During my time as an intern I conducted extensive research using the historical site’s archives. The information found was used in order to formulate a 7th anniversary promotional plan. The following article contain some of my reflections.