Web Development

My interest in web development first emerged in high school. I wanted to make a fan site  for one of my favorite screencapture-file-c-users-lindsay-onedrive-documents-candy-20luv-20website-candyhome-html-1480196051389-2singers, but I wasn’t  sure where to start. Young and naïve I ventured into W3Schools and read their articles on HTML and CSS. “How could a few lines of simple code create such interesting and dynamic websites?” I thought to myself.

After a few weeks I learned enough to slightly modify a template which I hosted on Freewebs.com (now known as “Webs”).  I took a community college class to solidify my knowledge but I found JavaScript a little too confusing and different to truly understand. During the next two years web development was put on the backburner as I focused on pursuing my History degree at Penn State University.

Once I graduated however, I was left with copious amounts of free time.  While browsing the internet one day I came across a organization called Girl Develop It. They offered low cost web development classes for women who were willing to learn. Almost like It was fate, Girl Develop It happened to have a chapter in Philadelphia (It wasn’t Montgomery county, but close enough).  Determined to brush up on my skills I signed up for the Intro to HTML/CSS class. I immediately fell in love with the material. I even learned a few new tricks such as using text editors, and how to actually build a website from scratch. I was hooked.









In the past year or so I’ve build numerous practice websites, attended various meetups and enrolled in as many Girl Develop It classes as my schedule permitted. If you’d like to look at my work I’ve provided a link to my GitHub page. I’m still learning new things every week, and one day I hope to become a front end web developer (or at least freelance on the side).